Bishopton Community Church

Regular Sunday Worship at Bishopton Community Church Ceases

After a lengthy period of prayer and reflection it has been decided by the team at Bishopton and leaders of St. Andrew's Ministry and Worship Committees that the usual 2nd and 4th Sunday services will cease after 28th January 2018. However, it is felt that God is calling Bishopton Community Church to channel all their energy and effort into the flourishing Company and Cake and other forms of mission. It is also anticipated that carols at The Squirrel and other gatherings will continue. By historic right, the Anglican Church in the parish has priority over use of the centre with regard to Christian gatherings, according to the found-ational documents, and this continues. The Vicar celebrated a service of Holy Communion at Bishopton on Sunday 28th January at 10.30 a.m. when thanksgiving was made for the Sunday morning worship over the last five years and all those who have made it such a special place to meet with God.  To Him be the glory !

                               COMPANY AND CAKE                                 

19th July