Art in Lent



David Capron, myself,  and Catherine and Ruth Yeates will be hosting a Lent Art    Appreciation course over a period of 5 weeks beginning on the 12/3/19. Each  session will start at 8.00pm on Tuesday evenings after the 7.30pm Eucharist. 

Each session will examine one painting, looking at history, genre, style etc and we will also look at the biblical and spiritual implications of each piece. 

Last year's course really led to some very interesting observations and appreciation and I hope this year's will do the same.

The paintings this year are as follows;


1. Lamentation of Christ (1305) Giotto


2. The Night Watch (1642) Rembrant van Rijn


3. Salvator Mundi (c.1500) Leonardo da Vinci


4. Landscape with Christ and his disciples on the road to Emmaus (1640)                            Jan Wildens


5. Jesus before his Crucifixion (1897) Henry Thomas Bosdet.


We hope to see you there,


Julie Milne.



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