Lent Course -

You are invited to spend an evening with the Masters! After the Tuesday Eucharists in Lent, there will be depicted on a screen an image of a painting.        After silent  reflection, a passage from the scriptures will be read followed by comment from me and then our artists in residence, (Julie and Ruth) will give their interpretation. After that it will be over to you.

The following dates and paintings have now been decided.

Tuesday February 20th: An Icon by Andrej Rublev entitled the hospitality of  Abraham, and concerns the Holy Trinity.

Tuesday February 27th: El Greco. The disrobing of Christ.

Tuesday March 6th: Rembrandt. The return of the prodigal Son

Tuesday March 13th: Chagall. White Crucifixion

Tuesday March 20th:   Holman Hunt. The light of the world.




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