Let's go fly a kite

By way of celebrating the centenary of the Diocese  on 8th July St. Andrew’s organised a Let’s Fly a Kite outing  for the Deanery at the Burton Dassett Country Park.    It was a huge success inspite of lack of support from other parishes.   People either brought their own kites or made them there and competition was pretty keen.    Picnics were shared and lots of fun was enjoyed.  We then made our way over to Burton Dassett Church, with its ancient tower peeping through the trees.  First a quiz for families, to encourage us to look closely at this structure which has stood since medieval times.  Revs. Nicki Chatterton and Rachel Saum brought the whole day together in a service for us all around the theme of “Dreaming Dreams and Seeing Visions”, during which we each thought of our aspirations for our individual faith journey, our church and our place in it.  Nicki had made a large, impressive kite which visually held our attention while she spoke. Later we each penned our thoughts, hopes and dreams on white clouds and pinned them to the kite.  A really inspiring time. The day ended with scrumptious cakes and tea.  There are photos on our PhotoGallery page and others below:

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