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We hope this finds you all well and that you are enjoying this amazingly beautiful summer.

Just a little update as we are slowly figuring out what we are doing. 
We returned from Nepal at the beginning of July and have enjoyed a fairly busy 6 weeks which included a family wedding, moving back into our home in Warwick, hosting guests and travelling to Shetland for a holiday and retreat. We spent a week with our friends Graham and Ruth Booth who have recently opened a House of Prayer and Retreat on the little island of Fetlar. There are 63 people and lots of sheep and birds. If you need some space, we would definitely recommend it. 

We are loving being here and look forward to catching up with more friends and family in the coming months.

As we get close to September we are also looking forward to having a slightly more settled routine in our lives. Dan will be working 3 days a week at the St Giles Hospice in Lichfield to keep up his skills in clinical medicine and keep his licence to practice current, while also continuing with Nepal work. Primarily, this is with Manju, as he is still supervising her training as a specialist Palliative Care nurse, albeit mostly by Skype for the time being. He is also continuing to write up the various studies which have been completed during our time in Nepal. 

Whilst missing my life at KISC, I, Phillipa am looking forward to spending time with family and friends. I have also applied to study with All Nations Christian College for a Masters degree, (part time and distance learning) and am excited to have the opportunity to reflect in a more structured way on the Biblical basis for Christian mission and development work in the modern

We will continue to explore our future work in Nepal and what we might be doing long term. This will include much prayer and reflection and listening to God for direction and keeping up our links with colleagues in Nepal (and also India for Dan). We plan to spend a few weeks in Nepal in December with
various activities planned and possibly again in the first half of 2019. We are excited that CMS are supporting us as our plans develop and we will continue our CMS links as Mission Associates.

Our most immediate challenge as we write is an upcoming sponsored event, on September 1st and 2nd in Scotland. EMMS international is the organisation that has been funding much of Dan’s Palliative Care development work in Nepal, and this is an opportunity to support them. We will be taking part in the Five Ferry Cycling Challenge (Dan) and Goat Fell climb (both of us). There’s lots more information and an opportunity to give a little if you’d like to - just click on the link: 



February 2018

An update from Nepal


As I write the weather here in Kathmandu is warming up and we are enjoying some lovely  sunny days. Dan and I and a couple of friends have just had a short break at Nagarkot, high on the rim of the Kathmandu valley, to relax, walk and get some fresh air, away from the terrible pollution in the city.


Dan has recently returned from the UK where he was attending and speaking at a couple of conferences. The work he and colleagues have been able to do in Nepal is allowing them to work with the wider palliative care community, involved in delivering care to people in low-income countries around the world . He is now preparing to go to India next week to visit our Emmanuel Hospital friends and take part in the yearly Indian Congress.


KISC is really on the move now. We packed up at the end of last week and truck loads of furniture and resources have been making their way about 5 miles from the old site to the new site over the last few days. Now it’s time to  start unpacking and setting up our new school. There is still some work to do, installing the computer network, some electrics, landscaping and so on. Decisions have to be made about where to mount the whiteboards, bulletin boards, data projectors etc…. and next Wednesday we will begin teaching in our new classrooms. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and generosity that have brought us to this place. If you were thinking of making a financial gift, we still have a need for funds to finish things off and also to pay the large tax bill which will come soon, so be encouraged to give on the website as before.

Meanwhile we value prayer for the coming days and weeks as we settle in,

· · for the KISC community: some families are settling in to new homes near the school, and others will have a much longer daily journey than we are used to.

· · for the school to settle back to teaching and learning quickly, especially the     senior classes with IGCSE and A level exams coming soon.

· · for the people of Techo who may feel somewhat invaded and that we would all be sensitive in building good relationships with our new neighbours.

· · for our witness that we would point people to Jesus by our love and actions.

for safety in travelling for Dan and useful meetings in India


Thank you again for all your loving support,

Phillipa and Dan



Dan and Phillipa are Church Missionary Society partners in training, preparing to go to work in Kathmandu, Nepal.  They live and worship in Leamington Spa.   Dan is a doctor and Phillipa is a teacher.  Dan has worked for many years in  palliative care, where he has also been involved in leadership, research and development.        Phillipa has been teaching English to speakers of other languages in community classes. She is also qualified to work with students who have specific learning   difficulties.

Phillipa will be working at the Kathmandu International Study Centre and Dan will be making professional links to develop his role in medical work,  teaching and research in Nepal.

We pray for Dan and Phillipa that they will be able to walk closely to Jesus as they prepare to settle in Kathmandu.  They depart early in the new year for a three year placement.

 Dan and Phillipa write in early January:

"We are getting very close to leaving now and there seems to be so much to do, but God is good.

We have heard that our freight shipment will arrive very soon after us and we have a place to live, house sitting for 6 months for an American family, in a house near the school where I will be working, we will have plenty of time to arrange something more permanent and move  during the summer holiday.      


Phillipa and Dan

Checkout their blog in Nepal

Nepal Update Blog:       http://danandphillipa.wordpress.com/

Hello everyone!  We're just getting back into work routines after a lovely couple of weeks' holiday with family visiting.
We have written a new blog about the recent festival of Dasain and some perspectives on what we have experienced….
Hope you enjoy reading it.    16.10.13.
Click on the wordpress link 

8th November 2013:   The weather here has just got quite a bit colder so we are adjusting to wearing our winter clothes etc. Do continue to pray for the school as we prepare for the inspection in three weeks, but before that we have elections and probably some strike days and maybe demonstrations and curfews. Meanwhile we are praising God for a really good activities week when the secondary year groups went on various trips, trekking etc and the primary had a Bible club in the afternoons. Two secondary pupils have recently come to faith.

This week (end October 2014) has been interesting as we have had the Hindu festival of Tihar. That is the same as Diwali, but I have not seen people in Leamington Spa worshipping cows or putting garlands and tikkas on dogs, so it feels a bit different. Thursday was Laxmi puja, when people make intricate decorations with coloured powder and lights to invite Laxmi, the goddess of plenty into their homes and businesses.  It is a very colourful and a happy festival but reminds us that worshipping idols is not going to bring salvation. We pray for Jesus name to be lifted up.

At school we have been preparing for activity week - the secondary students going off on trips and the primary looking forward to a 'holiday bible club' in the afternoons. I (Phillipa) am teaching the bible lesson each day and have a fair bit of work to prepare for that - It's like teaching five Sunday School lessons in a week, each one three times!

Dan is heading to UK for a conference in Liverpool, to present the district hospital research he has been doing here; He will also get to see our boys briefly. He will be away for 10 days. He will only be back for 10 days then goes off to India for two weeks to visit a hospital palliative care programme and do some teaching.

So that Phillipa isn't left out, she is going to a Christian school conference in Korea with a few other KISC teachers at the end of November.


Next weekend we look forward to a visit from Marie Laure, who works at CMS in Oxford. Along with CMS mission partners Paul and Jean Dobbing, we are looking forward to showing her our work, discussing our future plans and introducing her to our friends and colleagues. Marie will stay with me (Dan will still be away for the start of her visit) so we will have plenty of time to catch up.


You may have heard about the tragic loss of so many lives in the mountains, when the storm hit last week. Many trekkers on a high pass on the Annapurna circuit were caught unawares and many are still missing. As ever, people are looking for answers, and want to know why, but the mountains are dangerous. Thankfully we are not really involved, but still feel so sad for the families affected.


Prayer pointers:

·         Give thanks for another good week at KISC and the excitement of activity week.

·         Give thanks for the opportunity for Dan to present his work at a major conference in UK; to promote awareness of the situation in Nepal.

·         Give thanks for Nepali families enjoying the festival time together.


·         Pray for the name of Jesus to be known and lifted up in Nepal

·         Pray for the families affected by the mountain disaster - trekkers and Nepalis

·         Pray for Marie Laure - for safe travels and a useful, informative visit.

Thank you again for your prayers. 

We really appreciate you!


Dan and Phillipa

7th December 2014:   Dear Friends

This morning we have an unexpected hour or so to write our update to you. We were just leaving to attend our Nepali church (you will remember Nepali churches meet on Saturday), but I was unable to start my Royal Enfield Bullet and it was too late to make the half hour walk (my bicycle is also broken!). Also this afternoon and this evening we are singing in the Kathmandu Chorale Christmas Concert, so the day had been planned with meticulous precision so that we could get to church and the concert. The best-laid schemes etc………  Actually it is good to get a few minutes to ourselves this morning, so we are writing this and finishing off Christmas cards - hopefully not too late for the Christmas post. 
The last three weeks have been very busy for us traveling to different parts of Asia. 
Phillipa interjects……on Sunday, I arrived back from the Christian Schools International Conference in Korea where I had spent the previous week.  It was a very full and wonderful time, meeting. learning and worshipping with staff from about 100 other schools like KISC, attending very informative and helpful workshops. For example, I spent some time considering how we reveal the attributes of God through our teaching across the whole curriculum. We also had the opportunity to learn about all things Korean. The korean food was delicious - and Thursday evening we were treated to an American Thanksgiving meal of roast turkey with a wide range of sides and treats. Thank you for your prayers. We came back with lots to share with our school, and were aware of Gods care and blessing in all the travel details as well as the conference.
Dan again…..on 15th November, I left for India, spending a night in Delhi before flying on to Assam. In the state capital Guwahati, I met the other three members of the team who had travelled from Kampala - a Scot, a Ugandan and a Manchunian whose family are originally from Punjab - so quite an international group!  We met up with a local colleague, Dr Dinesh Goswami, who is the pioneer of palliative care in Assam and together travelled up the broad Brahmaputra Valley to Tezpur and the  Baptist Christian Hospital, part of the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) group. We spent five days there evaluating their palliative care service and delivering some teaching sessions. We were really impressed by their dedication and what they had achieved in the 20 months since the palliative care service had started.
Dr Goswami had arranged for us also to visit the Tezpur University Campus and to talk to some Media Studies students. They had not come across palliative care before, but they were fired up by Dr Goswami's lecture and wanted to know what they could do to promote and support palliative care. This was such an opportunity as these students will be the future journalists in the state and, quite likely, further afield. Back in Guwahati we had the opportunity to speak at our own press conference and appear the next day in the Assam Sentinel Newspaper!
For the team's second week in India we delivered a research methods course for the EHA, in Delhi. Some of our colleagues from Tezpur attended, along with others from all over India. Again, we met with lots of enthusiasm and some great ideas for research to enable palliative care development in India. Many of us will be attending the Indian Palliative Care Congress in February and will be able to meet up again to offer more support and build on what has been started. 
Back in Nepal we were straight into work. The routine at KISC for Phillipa as well as leading student support, includes screening and meeting applicants to join the school, always a fascinating job in this international community. I am finishing off the evaluation report for Nick Simon's Institute and doing more planning for the palliative care development work starting in the New Year. Plus there have been evening rehearsals for the Chorale concert this afternoon. Unfortunately the cold, dry and dusty air here in Kathmandu is not good for the voice. Phillipa lost hers earlier in the week and it is still a little croaky - hopefully it will last out the two concerts today.
Our first grandchild was due yesterday, but no sign so far, so we continue to pray for a safe delivery for Liz. The next three weeks are very full for us as we try to get everything tied up for the Christmas break. We fly out on Boxing Day evening to the UK. We will be in Warwick until 14th January when we return to Nepal for the new year, new term and new and exciting projects.
So (bursting into song)…...We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year….. 
Dan and Phillipa