Photo Gallery

Good Friday 2019   (these photos cover the  interactive event for young children in the morning followed by "Before the Cross".  Also Dawn Eucharist and floral arrngements.

Palm Sunday 2019

Lee Abbey 2019

Christmas Fair and Patronal Festival

Remembrance 2018

Harvest 2018

Mirth Merriment and General Silliness - Sept. 2018

Easter Day

Good Friday

Forgiven (animation)

Forgiven at the Cross

St. Andrew's 2018

2018  (Jan Walker)

Family Service January with Open the Book team - "The wedding at Cana in Galilee"

Christmas Flowers 2017 by our own team

St. Andrew's Day 2017

Harvest Festival 2017 (by Simon Thirkell)

Visit to St Nicholas, Dersingham (Chris Susnik)

Pilgrimage to Walsingham (by Chris Susnik)

Open Mic for MIND concert 22nd July. (by Simon)

"Let's go fly a kite" - Deanery event organised by St. Andrews at Burton Dassett Hills.  8th July.  (photos by Joan Whyman)

Gospel Choir - July 2017

Palm Sunday 2017

St Andrew's 2017

"Scrooge the Panto"  (apols for the quality - actors would keep on moving - also the lack of sequence in the photos - have had issues in uploading etc)

"Scrooge the Panto" by Simon Thirkell.

Video of the Children's Nativity Service on Christmas Eve 

Remembrance Sunday 2016

Parish Picnic at Anne Hathaway's Cottage 6th August (Roy and Kay Dyer)

Photographs of Kay Dyer's Ordination (by Roy Dyer).

Andy's Boots walks at Ilmington and Mickleton recently (by Lauren Watson )  Password "shottery".

Celebrating our Queen's 90th Birthday (lunch).

Presentation video to mark the occasion of HM Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday.

Walk of Witness 2016

Palm Sunday 2016 and Easter Day

Video of the Palm Sunday Procession by Simon Thirkell

Miscellaneous 2016

Video by Simon Thirkell of the Nativity Service December 2015

Pilgrimage to Lichfield 7.11.15 (by Clodagh)

Family Service with Open the Book - 1.11.15 (by Simon)

Harvest 2015 and Commissioning of Listening Team  (by Simon)

Mirth, Merriment and Much Silliness 19th Sept. (by Roy)

Mirth, Merriment and Much Silliness 19th Sept.  (by Simon)

Church picnic at Anne Hathaway's Cottage - 15th August. (by Simon Thirkell)

Andy's Boots walks 2015 (by John Naish)

Kay Dyer's Ordination - 28th June 2015

Flower Festival - 20th/21st June              Work in Progress for Flower Festival (by Fran Kibblewhite)

Andy's Boots - Oversley Wood 18.5.15

Andy's Boots weekend in the Peak District 18th/19th April (by Naomi Whittaker)

Andy's Boots weekend (photos by Seema Mahmud)

Andy's Boots weekend (photos by Judith Patterson)

Palm Sunday 2015 by Andy

Palm Sunday  and Good Friday 2015

Men's Breakfast 14th March - please refer to "News and Gossip" for photos etc.

Celtic Service 25th January (photos by Simon)

Miscellaneous 2015

Children's Nativity   (by Simon Thirkell)

Patronal Festival 2014 - photos of this event tagged on the end of Miscellaneous 2014.

Remembrance 2014  (due to technical hitch these photos have been added to Miscellaneous 2014)

Harvest 2014 (photos by John Naish)  (due to technical hitch these photos have been added to Miscellaneous 2014)

Cathedral Song from Gloucester Cathedral      The Cathedral Song which you can listen to via the video clip has words written by James Warren to a well known tune, which was sung  during our recent St. Andrew's pilgrimage to Gloucester Cathedral. This was sung twice, once as our coach approached the cathedral and it appeared on the skyline, and once over tea and cakes kindly provided by cathedral volunteers in the Parliament Rooms.  A place of both religion and political significance, the Parliament Rooms were part of a great hall used by Richard II to hold parliament in 1378. The Abbey closed after Henry VIII's dissolution in the 16th Century; but it survived and became a Cathedral, due to its earlier Royal connections.  (recorded by Roy Dyer)

Andy's Boots - Shottery 18.8.14 (by John)

Andy's Boots - South of the River  11.8.14 (by Naomi)

Centenary Walk - 2.8.14 (by Bob Kibblewhite, Millie Jones and Gary Stocker)

Andy's Boots Welcombe Hills - 4.8.14 (by Clodagh)

Andy's Boots Temple Grafton - 28.7.14 (by Clodagh)

Andy's Boots Clifford Chambers - 21.7.14. (by John)

Andy's Boots 14.7.14 (by John)

Andy's Boots Bidford 30.6.14 (mainly by John and a few by Clodagh)

Andy's Boots Wootton Wawen 23.6.14 (by Clodagh)

"Open the book" - June  (by Denise Andreo)

Walsingham June 2014  (by Roy Dyer, Joan Whyman, Chris Susnik)       Video clip from Walsingham  (by Roy Dyet)

Andy's Boots - Great Alne - 9.6.14 (by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Ilmington 2.6.14 (by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Oversley Wood 19.5.14 (by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Christmas 2013 (photos by Judith Patterson)

Celebrating Shakespeare's 450th Birthday;   Saturday 17th May Tudor Concert and Supper

Service at Anne Hathaway's Cottage - Sunday 18th May.   (Photos mainly by Simon Thirkell, but some by Clodagh and Paul)          More from the Service at Anne Hathaways Cottage       (taken by Paul, John, Gail and Clodagh

Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter 2014                      and Palm Sunday 2014 (by Simon Thirkell)

Miscellaneous 2014

Christmas Mysteries (photos by Naomi Whittaker, with a few by Clodagh Mallison)  Most photos taken at Dress Rehearsal, and others at the party following the last performance.

Programme for Christmas Mysteries

Patronal Festival 2013

Christmas Fair 2013

Andy's Boots - Rous Lench (2nd Nov) and Ilmington (4th Nov)  Photos by Naomi Whittaker

Andy's Boots Compton Verney 28th Sept. (photos by Lauren Watson)

Andy's Boots Wilmcote - 16th Sept. (photos by Naomi Whittaker)

Around the World with St. Andrew's 14/15 Sept

Andy's Boots - Shottery 27th August (photos by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Temple Grafton   19th August  (photos by Naomi Whittaker)

Croquet evening - 23rd August

Andy's Boots - Welford on Avon 12th August (photos by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Henley in Arden,  22nd July.  (photos by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Welcombe Hills, 8th July (photos by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Wootton Wawen 1st July (photos by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Ilmington - 25th June

Andy's Boots - Bidford - 17th June   (photos by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - River Avon Walk - 10th June (photos by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - Hidcote - 3rd June (photos by Lauren Watson)

Summer concert by Lily and Vanessa - 1st June.

Andy's Boots - Clifford Chambers, 20th May (photos taken by John Naish)

Andy's Boots - walk in Oversley Wood, 11th May.  (photos taken by John Naish)

Easter 2013          (Explanatory comments may be found under News and Gossip)

Miscellaneous 2013

A Christmas Carol       (photos taken by Clodagh and Karen)