Worship in April

Each Sunday morning Matins are said at 7.25am

Each Sunday morning the 1662 Eucharist is celebrated  at 8.00am

Each Tuesday evening at 7.30pm there is a Said Eucharist

Every Wednesday Morning Prayer is said at 8.30am

Each Thursday morning at 10am there is a Said Eucharist with address.


1st                                    EASTER DAY.

5.30am             Easter Vigil

10.00am           Family Service with Holy Communion

6.30pm`           Sung Evensong

8th:                                   SECOND SUNDAY OF EASTER

10.00am           Parish Eucharist

6.30pm            Sung Evensong

15th:                               THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER
10.00am Third Sunday Service

6.30pm Sung Evensong

22nd:                             FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER
10.00am Parish Eucharist followed by Annual Parochial Church Meeting

6.30pm Sung Evensong.

29th:                             FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER

10.00am Parish Eucharist




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