Vicar Craig Groocock

From Reverend Craig  (September 2019)

Do nothing to change your life!

Have you had a holiday this summer? Do you have a holiday planned for later in the year? I guess that most people have probably taken their holiday by now. Su and I enjoyed just over a week in Stockholm during July – it was lovely, made better by the fact that we didn’t need our waterproofs once!  Holiday are great times and important occasions; a chance to recharge the batteries and take some rest and relaxation. Someone asked me the other day what I like to do on holiday to which I replied, ‘loads of nothing!’ which to me is about right!

This reminds me of a small but wonderful little book written a few years ago by the Bishop of Reading entitled ‘Do nothing to change your life’, a book I highly recommended. It is only a small book but it’s about the joy of discovering what happens when you stop. Let’s be honest, we don’t stop very  often do we? We’ve lost the art of stillness, silence and simply being in the moment – we’ve become ‘human doings’ rather than human beings.

One of the chapters in the book is entitled ‘Plumbing the depths of a single moment’. It invites and encourages us to enjoy the ‘moment’ rather than dwelling in the past or worrying and fretting about the future. The moment - the here and now - is a gift from God that we would all do well to redis-cover.

We are so easily  preoccupied and stressed out with stuff we’ve got to do, the deadlines we have to meet, the people we need to see etc. that wecan miss the present moment for what it is. The more l talk with people the more I see this longing just simply to be and find this sense of stillness within. At the beginning of Advent we will be having a Quiet Day at church where we will provide the opportunity for you to come and have some    quiet and stillness in God’s presence as part of our preparations for Christmas. There is of course the opportunity to visit the Charlecote Quiet Garden for one of their Quiet days this Autumn. Do talk with Joan Wyman for more details about these.

Whatever you are doing this coming month take some time to stop, to be still and allow God to meet with you in the moment. Enjoy the moment for the gift it is and do nothing to change your lives!






It's all in the preparation.

As I write this I notice that I still have paint on my hands! Su and I have been spending every available hour at the vicarage decorating and getting the house ready for our move.  But . . there is light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train coming the other way – I hope!).  Prepar-ation is important and it’s what we all do whether it’s preparing a new home, organising an event or even something far more simple like preparing a meal. Of course you have all been preparing to welcome Su and I amongst you and the wait is almost over. Preparing can, and should be, a positive time even though it can feel daunting and frustrating. During Advent for example we are encouraged to use the season spiritually and prayerfully as we wait and prepare for the coming of the Christ child. Likewise in Lent, preparation is very much a part of our journey as we fast and exercise some form of self-discipline. I hope and pray that this period of waiting has been fruitful for you. It has certainly been so for us as we have been reminded of our need to trust in God, to lean on Him and to accept His call on our lives.

We are looking forward to being with you, living and journeying with you and discovering something more about this great big, amazing God we follow.  In my preparation over recent weeks I have been drawn to Philippians 4.6; ‘ Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanks-giving let your requests be known to God. And the peace of God will guard your hearts in Christ Jesus’.  God has called all of us to this next stage. We will feel  excited, joyful, hopeful as well as a little apprehensive too. However, where God calls remember that He also equips. Let us continue to be made ready for all that God has for us and all He will do through us in the months and years ahead.

I look forward to seeing you and meeting you all.                                                        

With every blessings in Christ,       

 Reverend Craig.

 PS  A huge thanks from Su and I to everyone for their welcome, love and hospitality.