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Activities for Children

'Fellow Travellers' is back in business!

You will hopefully all be aware by now that we have taken over the leadership of the Fellow Travellers group. The sessions take place every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, during the 10am service and is open to anyone aged 2-12. Our aim is to incorporate stories, games, songs and craft activities into the theme from the lectionary reading. It is an exciting challenge for us to find ways to make the teachings of the bible tangible for young people. 

Our most recent theme was 'light' relating to Matthew 5:13-16 about Salt & Light. To engage with this, the children decorated paper lampshades with pictures of things they like and are important to them. The lampshade represents themselves, and everything that makes up their personality. The light inside it represents Jesus. The children were told that Jesus' light shines from within us, and out into the world. In addition to crafts, our sessions include live music, and we shall be introducing more songs with actions in the coming weeks. We hope to include them sometimes in Family Services.

We are very privileged to be able to work with the children, and to have a role in their understanding and enjoyment of the Christian faith. We would like to thank everyone that has come along so far, as well as everybody that has helped us along the way.

Kay Dyer - 293381 (10am till noon daily)



Some photos of chalk paintings - 12.4.15 by Simon Thirkell


















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