From Matt Penn, our Organist.

Hi everyone,


You are receiving this because you sent a contribution for Love Divine last week. However, following the ‘success’ of Wednesday night, I wanted to make sure that everyone who requested something eventually GOT a proper listen to their hymn or song.


So, I am aiming to put up one pre-recorded video each day on my new Hymn, Cheese and Whine Playlist where you can not only hear the chosen hymns or songs but also listen to me whining on a bit about some of the things I am trying to do while playing and then finally (and this is the key bit!) recommending the type of cheese that best goes with the hymn I am playing 😊  (Of course that is only really supposed to be a joke – just in case you think I have gone mad – although lockdown does make the mind go a bit funny the longer it goes on!)


You can get to the Hymn Cheese and Whine List here to view the first one – ‘Be Still’, requested by Ruth and Alan. All of the other videos will eventually be added to this list so you can keep using this same link – it won’t change.

As people appear on the screen, the recording emphasises their voice at a slightly higher volume. If you would just like to hear the pure final verse recording with no frills, try this version:


I hope this gives you another little something to do each day and ultimately of course, I hope you like what you see and hear. Feel free to pass the link above to anyone else who may enjoy it. They may not have submitted anything for Love Divine so may not be getting this message like you are. I think it’s very important that now we are looking at the fifth week of lockdown, the mental challenge of this is getting tougher for everyone. Please look after yourselves.


Say home, stay safe, eat cheese and drink wine…


Matt   24th April, 2020.


FROM MATT PENN, our Organist.

What an amazing response we have had to our final verse recording of Love Divine!

SO many friends from Shottery, Harbury and Ladbroke contributed by sending sound recordings, videos, photos and messages of solidarity. These grew and grew throughout the week and the video you see has over 30 vocal and instrumental parts, with over 50 contributions in all. 
The words to the verse are at any normal time very moving, but they are especially appropriate for life at the moment. I am so pleased with the result which has far exceeded my own expectations. Not being a studio engineer or having much experience in recording and mixing music I was focused on making sure the video was about people coming together rather than the technical details. Somehow though, this just serves to make it all the more 'real'. I certainly feel like I have been left wanting more. I think you might feel the same when you see it.
To watch the full video, click here: