If you’ve just been bereaved, your first point of contact for arranging a funeral will normally be a local funeral director (St Andrew's PCC  does not recommend any particular funeral director.)    If you would like a member of the clergy from St. Andrew's Church to be involved in the funeral, or if you’d like to hold the funeral in church, please ask the funeral director to contact us before the date is fixed so we can make sure that the church is free and someone is available.   We can support you by taking funerals in church with a committal afterwards at one of the local Crematoriums or Cemeteries, or we can take the whole service at the Crematorium.

Once the funeral is booked, the person taking the funeral will arrange to come and meet the next of kin to talk about the arrangements and the kind of service you would like.   This is also an opportunity for us to find out more about the person who has died, particularly if you would like us to prepare a eulogy.

The funeral is a time to acknowledge your sense of grief and sorrow, but within us we may continue to carry that sense of grief and sorrow caused by the love we had for the person who died.  We can also arrange our pastoral visitor to come and see you.

Please contact the Parish Office if you have any queries.  01789 293381.  or email: