News and Gossip.

Some of the guests enjoying lunch at Jenny Greggs during lockdown.   Donations to Church Funds.



 Naomi and Anthony - marriefd 25th July 2020.


13th October - Suzie Fletcher - significant birthday.

1st September    Jenny and Alan Minchin celebrating their Golden Wedding, 1st Sept.  

Joan Jennings celebrating her 80th birthday. 8th Sept.  


Blessing of two new Prayer Partners.  8th December

Presentation to Alice  Herring on the occassion of her 100th birthday.









Mary Boddington on the occasion of her significant birthday.12 Jan.

Presentation to Gwenda on the occasion of her 80th birthday.  


Congratulations to Jan Walker on the occasion of her 60th birthday. 



I have once more been made to feel very blessed and loved having received a beautiful basket of flowers from my church familyon the occasion of my 70th birthday. Thank you for special.

Annette Smith.  (photo shows basket of flowers)