The Atrium Cafe

The Atrium Cafe

The Autumn of any year always seems to be a time for new beginnings.

Over the summer we met to review STAY Cafe, our 3rd Sunday evening worship, with coffee, or tea and cake thrown in! We have been meeting for a   couple of years now and recently believe that God is speaking, inspiring us to review the future. 

This tied in nicely with Reverend Craig joining us at St. Andrews.

We have had some feedback from our friends in church who had the impression that the group was just for young people, probably because of the name STAY (the previous youth group) in the title STAY Cafe. Originally, it did start out that way, however, we very quickly realised that the group was for anyone of any age to join us and experience a different and more contemporary style of worship. We are truly blessed that God sent us a brilliant group of regulars who support us so well and are excited to welcome more of you to this Cafe style Church.

Through prayer, it has been decided that the St  Andrews Cafe Church should be renamed The Atrium Café.                           

Getting to the heart of faith

An atrium is a gathering place, the centre, the heart; we hope that the Atrium Cafe will be a place of gathering to worship and praise our God, a place for deeper teaching and consideration of our faith. 

The Atrium Cafe will meet on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 7.30 pm in the Parish Centre.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


Julie Milne, Ruth and Catherine Yeates.


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