The Hangout

I just wanted to tell you a bit about ‘The Hangout’ (you might have seen the new noticeboard in the Welcome Area!).  For those of you who didn’t know The Hangout stands for ‘Here, A New Generation Opening Up Together’; it is a youth group that meet in the hall where 13-16 year old’s can come and make new friends, talk about and discuss          important topics, learn new skills and have fun in a safe and friendly environment. 

Our first trial session on 13th December was very successful.  8 girls came and enjoyed chatting about social media and the positive and negative impacts that this has on teenagers in their everyday lives.  We all decorated gingerbread men whilst we chatted and I explained my vision for the group and received feedback as to what they would like to get from their time together in the future.  I am really keen to make sure that the group is what the teens want it to be to     ensure that they keep coming.

Many of the girls also added to our Prayer Tree which is a place the teens can privately write down anything that they want to be prayed for on an individual leaf and hang it on the tree.  Prayers are then said by the leaders.  

Our second session on January 10th was equally successful, all 8 girls returned and one new member came along too. We discussed our New Year’s Resolutions and the importance of making resolutions that are sensible, achievable and sustainable and will help to make us happier throughout the year. During our discussion we all painted coasters with positive messages on them so that every time we see them we are reminded of our resolutions and the importance of staying positive and doing things that make us happy. 

I’m very excited for the future of The Hangout. We have lots of exciting activities planned and I ask that you will pray for the people who come, for those who have heard about it but aren’t sure about coming and for those volunteering to lead. We hope that through our leadership and example we will introduce the knowledge of faith into the lives of these young people.

If you or anyone you know is interested in coming along to our next session (aged 13-16 years) please feel free to drop me an email!

Thank you!