Welcome to Saint Andrew's Church Shottery


    St.  Andrew's Church, 

    Church Lane, Shottery,

    Stratford upon Avon

    CV37 9HQ                                                                                                 

    Tel:  01789 293381

    Email: (office)   st.andrewschurch@btinternet.com                                                               

    St. Andrew's Church dates from 1870 and became a parish in its own right in the early 1980s when the completely independent Parish of "Shottery St. Andrew" and a Vicar with traditional "Parsons Freehold" was established.

    In 1997 the Parish Centre was built to the rear of the church and at Easter 2005 the church  building was re-ordered and physically extended. 



    We aim to be open to God's word, to the love of Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirt.  We aim to be caring and Christ-centred by loving God, our neighbour and God's astoundingly diverse creation

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    Diary of a Cross in my Pocket. August 23rd. However many times I try to convince myself to the contrary, I am constantly taken in by the belief that unless life if filled with unending work and busyness I can't possibly be doing God's will. A product of my upbringing and the voice from childhood in my inner ear that whispers, 'Get a book in your fingers or something to do!' Dare I believe that God delights in laughter, beauty and pleasure, all of which are his gifts to us?  Revd.Joan Whyman.




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